1997 I started my own design company. From the beginning I worked a lot with graphic design and my first job was a 20th anniversary product for Göteborg International Film Festival. That led into a collaboration with the company Ohlsson & Lohaven AB between 1997 and 2011. From 1997 I have had about 15 different products for sale at Designtorget and at two occasions, 2009 and 2010, I was nominated to Årets Sak at Designtorget. I also designed for Form Nasielsky between 2008 and 2012. In 2011 I started to design lamps for Markslöjd and LampGustaf.

2010, me and a colleague, were offered a assignment from BSK Arkitekter to design a clothes & towel hook for the new forensic hospital Helix in Stockholm. In 2012 the company James & Thedin AB was formed with a focus on interior design for psychiatric hospitals and correctional units. James & Thedin was awarded with Plastovationer Awards 2012 for the suicide preventive Hook JT-100. In 2016 I formed a new brand with Per Vihlevi called Kimper Design to design exclusive and innovative products in wood.

2017 I decided to leave the company James & Thedin AB, now Healsafe Interiör AB, to focus on lamp design for Markslöjd. 2018 I also started to design lamps for Globen Lighting. In 2020 my first lamp for Oblure was released. My first objects for Markslöjd Interiör was released in 2021.

News: New lamps for Markslöjd, Globen Lighting and Oblure will be shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair and Frankfurt Lighting Fair 2023. 

Member of Svensk Form since 1999.

Joakim Thedin Design

Phone: 0735-90 90 82 


Office: Övre Husargatan 22 • 413 14 Göteborg

Workshop & Showroom: Lunden Form • Skogshyddegatan 14 • 416 59 Göteborg