1997 I started my own design company. From the beginning I worked a lot with graphic design and my first job was a 20th anniversary product for Göteborg International Film Festival. That led into a collaboration with the company Ohlsson & Lohaven AB between 1997 and 2011. From 1997 I have had about 15 different products for sale at Designtorget and at two occasions, 2009 and 2010, I was nominated to Årets Sak at Designtorget. I also designed for Form Nasielsky between 2008 and 2012. In 2011 I started to design lamps for Markslöjd and LampGustaf.

2010, me and a colleague, were offered a assignment from BSK Arkitekter to design a clothes & towel hook for the new forensic hospital Helix in Stockholm. In 2012 the company James & Thedin AB was formed with a focus on interior design for psychiatric hospitals and correctional units. James & Thedin was awarded with Plastovationer Awards 2012 for the suicide preventive Hook JT-100. In 2016 I formed a new brand with Per Vihlevi called Kimper Design to design exclusive and innovative products in wood.

2017 I decided to leave the company James & Thedin AB, now Healsafe Interiör AB, to focus on lamp design for Markslöjd. 2018 I also started to design lamps for Globen Lighting. In 2020 my first lamp for Oblure was released. My first objects for Markslöjd Interiör was released in 2021.

News: New lamps for Markslöjd, Globen Lighting and Oblure will be shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair and Frankfurt Lighting Fair 2022. New objects for Markslöjd Interiör at Formex in Stockholm.

Member of Svensk Form since 1999.

Joakim Thedin Design

Phone: 0735-90 90 82 


Office: Nordostpassagen 55 • 413 11 Göteborg

Workshop & Showroom: Lunden Form • Skogshyddegatan 14 • 416 59 Göteborg